This is me, the hard facts:

Name: Torben Skylstad Johansen
Bourn: August 19th1980 (Lion, if someone was asking)
From: Oslo (Capitol of Norway)
Brothers and sisters: Yes, many.
School: Computer Engineering at Høyskolen i Sør-Trøndelag, departement AITeL, first year.

    My life in very short terms:
  1. Started life: At Aker Hospital, but shortly after that my cradle was moved to Sandaker.
  2. Two years went by: Sandaker was not big enough for me, I moved to Majorstua.
  3. Some new 8 years went by: Majorstua was not the place to be, Grefsen seamed more tempting.
  4. 9 years flew: And uninformed I was grabbed by The Royal Army, uniformed and flewn to Bardufoss...
  5. 8 months later: Grefsen was the place I liked, I went back.
  6. +2 years: At the age of 22 it was time to leave the nest to find my own lion-cave, so I drove all my belongings to Trondheim to become a student.
  7. Now: It's great being a student in Trondheim, but still, sometimes, I go back to the good old nest at Grefsen,
    to see my parents and eat something else then pasta and frozen pizza.